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Save 50 % off until the end of the year!
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Red Roses

Red Roses

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Clear Red Roses

How to apply:

1. Paint your nails with a base coat (preferably a lighter color) or white and leave to dry
2. Cut around the image, as close as possible
3. Use tweezers of fingers to place the image in water, and hold under for 10-20 seconds
3. Gently remove the decal/wrap from white backing by sliding off with fingers
4. Use tweezer to grab deca/wrap and place and position on finger.
5. Once in desired position use a paper towel and gently dab to remove excess water.
6. Seal with one or two coats of clear to polish, to hold in place or you can apply then layer of clear acrylic or seal with gel.

To remove use 100 % acetone.

Tip: use a thin brush and acetone to clean any wrap edges around finger. The acetone naturally dissolves the wrap.